Student Involvement

The mission of V.I.B.E.S. Conference is to bring 170 motivated young African American high school students (senior/junior status preferred) to the campus of Washington State University. The purpose of which is to develop a culture of leadership through strong educational objectives, knowledge of self and community, as well as to empower them with the belief they can attain their goals and objectives. We strive to give tomorrow's youth a sense of direction in higher education and community minded leadership while mentoring them in the important responsibility they have as citizens, in order for them to be successful participants in the communities they lead.


  1. Develop a proactive, leadership spirited agenda to address the issues that confront young African American men and women.
  2. To identify a structure that will enhance participant's growth as leaders and role models of their communities.
  3. Provide a forum whereby the participants may interact with Washington State University in various ways that may inspire them to continue their leadership and educational development.
  4. Expose participants and WSU community to visionaries in the areas of leadership, education, and the state of the African American Union by which to aspire.
  5. Enlighten participants to the vision of positive growth in self, community, and nation.
  6. Provide a structure for which WSU student volunteers may further develop their leadership skills.